• Welcome to Silver Apple
    We are a team of highly experienced developers and consultants who specialise in delivering complete online solutions. Our in house expertise lies in bespoke online application development.

  • We have your business in mind
    Our business is not about selling our services.
    Our business is about your business, and what we can do to add value
    and maximize your return on investment.
  • Never in the dark
    With Silver Apple's reporting you are always up to speed with your site's activities and goals

What we do:
We translate your success into a Digital World

In short: We do web. We know it, we live and breathe it. And with 7 years of following web development trends, best practices and modern web technologies, we are looking to use our development acumen to add value to your business, and ultimately augment your bottom line - (why us)

The scope of what we cover is:

Designing & developing your web application

Whether you need an intricate web application modeled around your business processes or just an impactful public facing website run on a content management system (CMS), we’ve got you covered.

Take a peek into our toolbox: ⬇

PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript
Twitter bootstrap

Hosting your web application

Take it from us; do NOT compromise when it comes to hosting. The price of driving someone to a website that is slow/down is very high which is why we have spared no expense when it comes to hosting our web applications. Silver Apple manages it's own dedicated server and has a policy to host all Silver Apple's developments on it. The benefit is that, in short, you never have to worry about it.

More spefically:
  • You will be on a local fast server – The server is powerful and is only used for Silver Apple's projects.
  • We ensure the hosting environment is compatible with your web application
  • You have no limitations on email accounts
  • Never worry about using too much disk space, running out of mails or having too much traffic
  • We take care of your domain registration and renewals
  • 24hr Support

Maintaining your web application

We do what we can to empower you to manage your site, and we'll take over where you can't. Just send over your idea or required amendments - or we'll get our copywriters to keep your public facing site updated. Either way, you wont be left in the lurch, ever.

Report of your site's goals and traffic

It's not enough that your site is online and working, it's important that we know the details of the activity on it. For this we provide monthly reports and analysis to your traffic and site goals to make sure we're on track and to plan accordingly

Other areas that we cover include:

  • Graphic design & corporate identity
  • Online Marketing
  • Mass mail and email marketing
  • Content management

We'll take it from here

Why us :
(or why not us)

We never build a site for the sake of building a site. We look for a good fit, where we can call on our 7 years experience to design and develop a solution that will help you grow your business .

Our approach is to understand your business objectives, help you explore what you want and tailor a solution that will make an impact on your business and increase your revenue.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is an investment, not an expense.

Our philosophy is simple:

Relax... We'll take it from here

We do web and we're good at it - so you don't have to be. The clients we engage with are those we look to partner with. Where there's a clear case for synergy and we are able to be aligned with your goals to achieve them.

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